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June 25th Main Lake Water Temp. Lower Upper 70s

The Lake elevation is 3780.54 Storage is 153,000 acre ft.

The Main Lake is clear.

Bass are still goog to very good. Smallmouth haven't changed much. the are still holding mostly on main lake points and the first long secondary point. If you like to fish soft plastic, Drop Shotting with Berkley Hit Worms or Berkley Gulp Minnows is working well. If you find shallow Smallies, Chatter Baits or Swim Baits are a good choice. Largemouth showed up in a big way over the weekend. I saw pictures of several Largemouth over 3 lbs. and at least two over 4 and one over 6 lbs! Topwater has finally kicked in because at least 2 of these Largemouth were caught on Pop R's. Jigs pitched to shallow brush also accounted for some of the bigger Blacks.

Gary and Jolene Riley won the Texas Panhandle Bass Tournament this past Saturday with a 5 fish limit weighing over 15 lbs. They had not 1, but 2 Largemouth kicker fish! (See Catch of the Week)

Walleye are fair. They have moved into deeper water, some as deep as 30 feet. Pulling Bottom Bouncers with 'Crawlers Harnesses has started working. Also jigging with Berkley Gulp Minnows or Live Minnows is producing some walleye, also.

White Bass are still good. Trolling is probably the best option as far as technique is involved. The Berkley #7 flicker is still the most popular lure among the trollers. Also, if you like to fish at night, and have a floating or submersible light, Live Minnows are doing well.

Catfish are good on Chicken Liver, Nightcrawlers, and Punch Bait. For the best results, baiting a hole is recommended.

Crappie are pretty slow. Some are being caught by folks trolling for Whites or Walleye.

Bluegill are good on Worms.

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